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Melvin says he should take his links when they find clear capsules filled with heroin. He just did five years in jail for coke and is on probation. Jacksonville FL — Zone 3 — Sgt. Elizabeth Kenny says her favorite part of the job is finding stolen cars and returning them. He tells Officer Bill Nelson he turned the fan off and she attacked him for trying to turn it off. She Urmila matondkar butt she was drunk and she hit him.

He finally catches up to the Mexican driver Marco who has no shoes and is fidgety. He then drives off and pulls over. The driver gets out, back in, has no license, the passenger has no license either and tries to creep into a nearby house holding a shirt. When she goes to cuff him he runs and is tackled with the help of Jamie eason underwear cameraman. Backup arrives and puts him in his car. John Ost says the passenger is a parole violator. The driver also is a parole violator. Las Vegas Downtown Area Command He says there are lots of problems lately with people getting married and ten limos are outside fighting for business when the couple come out.

Cheryl is the owner and says a couple from a competing chapel threatened her. A bike cop finds the male suspect, Thomas. He claims his wife is eight months pregnant and people were cursing at them and one punched his wife last week. A BMW was following them so the police stop it and Craig the driver comes out says the suspect made bomb threats to his chapel and has warrants. Thomas is arrested for — unpaid traffic tickets and petty larceny. Ray says feuding wedding chapels fighting for business have gotten out and has been going on for nine months. It is exciting and loves it and would do it for free.

The suspect says he 18 and has ID in his back pocket. He was meeting his friend Ernie and two girls for a booty call. Officer Lisa Coggin says she saw him run from the building and he is all sweaty and his heart is racing. Stories include an Officer needs assistance call, a domestic dispute in a bar resulting in a tazing, and a warrant is served on a man with a loaded gun, drugs and police equipment in his car. Stop sticks are put out on the freeway, so he exits, turns around, gets a flat and bails out on Union Mills. A K-9 is called to find the white guy in a white shirt. They go through bushes, a field and yard. K-9 catches him in a bush, he screams, is pulled out, cuffed and mirandized.

He wants to talk to an attorney, wants his shoe, is mad the dog bit him, screams he's innocent and denies stealing the van. He only ran because the dog was chasing him. They explain that the dog tracked his scent from the van to here. He thinks that's amazing and has been arrested before for stealing a car. He says the van belongs to his parents, but his dad's on coke and his mom's on heroin so they can't contact them. In Vegas they get calls like that every day. He spots a car with a loose license plate that comes back stolen.

The guy pulls over and gets out without incident. Officer Todd Humphrey cuffs and questions him. The ignition is punched out and on the floor with a rag covering the steering wheel. He hasn't been arrested in 7 years, the car is his buddy Steve's and he was just borrowing it to go to the store. He only had the car 30 minutes after picking it up at a in the back. His friend traded crack for the car, it's a rock rental, he didn't steal it. At the police station in interview room 3 he says he went to the Peppertree where guys hang out and asked to use the car. The guy told him it was stolen and he used a nail file to start it.

He bought chicken and the cop gives it to him and he eats it fast. They have enough evidence to bust him. It starts fast, gets slow then allows you to be proactive which is what they are meant to do. He spots a red Porsche on the hot sheet and pulls him over. An ancient long gray bearded biker comes out. He refuses to lie on the dirt and wants to know what's going on. He gets on all fours and another cop is brought in to jump on and cuff him. They put him in the back and ask where he got the car. He got it from J. He has no title and it was stolen last night. The owner is brought to the scene to ID the guy, but doesn't know him and will gladly testify against him in court.

Fox mistakenly calls this Grand Theft Auto You need to be logged in to continue. She got out of court today for prostitution, evading arrest and trespassing. Jacksonville, FL — Zone 1 2: He finds a black guy in the street whose lady stabbed him in the arm. It turns out his lady is Travis — a man who admits he has a penis. He came home and they were doing coke, the guy went to the store, came back and Travis stabbed him. The victim says they live together, he went outside to change a tire and keep it real. He then rambles incoherently. Pierce County WA 1: The car was stolen yesterday so he makes her get out and arrests her.

She wants to call her. She is a suspect in the original theft, Christina is her roommate and she took the car to score some meth. Aired instead of Fox Mistakenly Lists this as Bad Girls 3 They pull up and the Hispanic man in white jumps out of the rolling vehicle. His truck kept going until it crashed into a tree and the gun was loaded. People called the police because they saw him fire shots. He says the magazine holds 40 and there are at least 38 bullets inside. Pierce County WA He pulls over a car with no headlights.

Officer John Henterly backs him up. They cuff and mirandize him since he is so crazy. They give him a field sobriety test following a pen with his eyes. Scott Bradley says drug areas have popped up and they will have officers undercover to catch the buyers. They take him and his passenger out and cuff them.

Officer Kenyatta Woman adult date in chongjin backs him up. They claim they just left work, but find bags of pot on him. He says the stuff in the van is from the job they were working. The guy in back is a dealer, the front 2 are users. They find 2 guys walking away and Miguel and Officer Ronald Scott catch them, but are out of cuffs. Officer Richard Everhart was undercover and bought from them and they swallowed the drugs. Supposed to be Trannys Gone Wild - A Florida sheriff's deputy responds to a call and finds a transgender stabbing victim who had been working as a 'stroll girl.

It has completely different fonts for the calls, doesn't list the times and they start small and expand outward. Homicide Investigation The daytime bartender from Odyssey Pizza calls in that Jamie eason underwear 70 year old graveyard bartender was found dead when she came to work and the place was robbed. Detective Shelia Huggins takes the case. Help us expand our database by adding one. When Santa Ana, CA, Police Officer Jose Gonzales questions a known prostitute, the woman insists that she is doing nothing wrong and claims that she was only escorting her disabled male acquaintance to a nearby fast food restaurant.

At the scene, a man explains that his ex-wife plans to marry a man she recently met on the internet and move their children out of state. Stories include the passenger of a stolen car is tossed out on the street, a driver with a suspended license won't stop for police until he gets home, and in Hawaii, officers spot fields of marijuana from a helicopter. Hull says they are serving a warrant on Eisenhower and have been there 3 tomes for crack. Inside there is junk everywhere and no room to move. Officer Quilla Barnett finds an open window where they threw out their crack rocks.

Three weeks ago they caught them selling and a week later they were still selling. Hamilton County OH He spots a car with four people driving on the grass. His face and eye is all bloody. He just walked over and socked him. The guy in the yard was parked there at the time. They were just drinking and playing horseshoes at his party. They shake hands and hug. He says he recently moved to Arlington and was looking for his homeboy JJ to go drinking with. Jamey gets burned by a cigarette ash and the guy wants one more cigarette before he goes to jail.

The bag is filled with coke, they saw it while he was talking. He is booked and goes to jail. Officer Russ Martin is on the scene. A man has his bosses' truck from work and a guy broke in and stole tools including a nail gun. K-9 Officer Chris Karl from Tacoma is brought in and they go through the wood and find the guy on the other side of a fence sleeping under a blanket. Joe pulls the blanket off and the guy pulls it back up and fights them. He gets tased three times and screams and fights. His nose gets bloody, says there is no other guy, he doesn't know what's going on and didn't fight anyone. He is cuffed and led off. The Lakewood Fire Dept cleans up his wound.

The second guy is spotted in a rundown house so they go to get him. She shares photos of her modeling, but also about being vegan and recipes. This type of exercising uses classical ballet to sculpt the perfect dancer body. And if you loved Natalie Portman in Black Swan, then you can thank Bowers for personally training her throughout the process. She learned about working hard from her father, a professional baseball player. After moving to Atlanta to pursue her dream in acting, she found herself working as a video vixen, in the music video, Marco Polo. But, as she became more recognized it helped that she was developing her business in the process, S. Vee is an internationally published model, a mother, and also claims to be a foodie and a ninja in her Instagram profile.

Hard to believe that a body like hers, considers themself a foodie. Her photos on Instagram mostly feature her modeling, plus tons of pictures with her son. Renner is a fitness model with overfollowers on Instagram. These followers probably want to know more about the situation with 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick — who she claims is the father of her child. But maybe not, I might chicken out too. Amanda the beauty notebooks September 27, at 2: Those brownies are genius btw! Eva September 27, at 2: Ever wonder if guys would ever do the same at a bachelor party?

That is, bake cookies in the shape of female genitalia? Hope you feel better, Janetha, and remember to listen to your body as the week progresses and you carry on with the Jamie Eason challenge! More power to ya. And so we have to ease her into the idea of the scary and daunting ween experience. Annndddd I eat penis cookies on the reg. Those brownies are too legit to quit. Will be adding those to my arsenal. Even my fiance will eat those! And an underwear run is the greatest idea ever!! I would do it: Liz Southern Charm September 27, at 3: These people kill it every time!

I may even start my own look for it next year: D Lindsey Cardio Pizza September 27, at 4: I hope your stomach feels better soon!! The bachelorette party looked like a blast!

Candice Swanepoel dazzles in Dresses

Colleenzo September 27, at 5: I may do one on my own, around the neighborhood, just because that looks like so much fun! Heather Get Healthy with Heather September 27, at 5: I guess being surrounded Jamie eason underwear a bunch of other undie covered people would make me feel more comfy… I guess. Looks like you had a blast! Congrats to your girl: Kelsey September 27, at 5: I would even do the pantsless day they have in the NYC. I want to go to that piano bar so badly — but not on my birthday — I am so over dancing on bars! Abby Abz 'n' Oats September 27, at 7: Hope you get some results with your tummy troubles soon!

Will be praying for you! The Delicate Place September 27, at 8: Chels September 27, at 8: I still might give it a go.

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