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Other northern ethnic groups include the Mandara, Kokoto, and Arab Choa. Major crops include cotton and millet. Most of the southern peoples are Christian or engage in traditional, animist religious practices. The Center, South, Married white male looking for a fun female in bafoussam East provinces are characterized by dense tropical rain forest. The Center and South are culturally dominated by the Beti peoples, which include the Ewondo, Eton, and Bulu, and are linguistically and culturally related to the Fang of Gabon. They are patrilineal, grow root crops and peanuts for their own consumption, and grow cocoa as a cash crop.

The Ewondo were early converts to Catholicism. The current president is Bulu, and many prominent authors are Beti. Peoples in the East include the Maka and Gbaya, both with relatively egalitarian forms of social organization in Cameroon Sex chat room in burgas reciprocity is a key value. Forestry and tobacco farming are important sources of income. The East province is also home to the Baka, a tropical forest forager pygmy group of about thirty thousand to forty thousand living in small camps that exchange forest products with nearby farmers.

The Littoral province is in the coastal rain forest region in the southwest. It includes the largest city, the port of Douala, and the industrial, hydroelectric, and bauxite mining area near Edea. The major ethnic groups are the Duala and Bassa. Both are culturally similar to the Grassfielders. In rich volcanic soils they grow food crops and coffee. The large urban population is prominent in commerce and higher education. Since the conversion of Sultan Njoya to Islam early in the twentieth century, the Bamoun have been a largely Muslim people. Sultan Njoya, a man of unusual intellect, developed an original alphabet and wrote a history of his people and dynasty.

A sense of a common national culture has been created through shared history, schooling, national holidays and symbols, and enthusiasm for soccer. However, ethnic distinctiveness remains, and ethnic identity became an increasingly important source of social capital during the s. Cameroon is situated by the Gulf of Guinea on the west coast of Africa. Its area issquare milessquare kilometers. The climate is hot and humid in the forested south and west, cooler in the highland Grassfields region of the West and Northwest provinces, and hotter and drier in the savanna and sahel of the north. The population in was 10,; it was estimated to be nearly 14 million in In46 percent of the population was under fifteen years old.

The population is growing at an average annual rate of almost 3 percent, with declining mortality and high fertility. Thirty-eight percent of the population lives in urban centers. There are no reliable population figures for the major cultural groups. These two groups also have the highest fertility rates. French and English are the official languages. Among the less educated, the Wes Cos dialect of Pidgin English functions as a lingua franca in the English-speaking area and in many neighborhoods in Douala. Both French and English are taught in school, but only those with a secondary education are fluent in both.

Most people speak at least one local language and one official language, and many people are multilingual. The flag has three equal vertical stripes of green, red, and yellow, with a five-pointed gold star in the center of the red stripe.

The stripes represent the loooking major geographic areas: The national anthem begins with the words O Cameroun, berceau de nos ancetres "Oh, Cameroon, cradle of our ancestors"reflecting the importance of ancestors and kinship and the desire to forge an imagined community with a common ancestry. The feeling of national unity is strongest among schoolchildren and has been mlae since the end of the cold war. History and Ethnic Relations Emergence of the Nation. Before colonization, Cameroon was a territory of whihe climatic zones populated by Married white male looking for a fun female in bafoussam bafousssm of peoples and polities.

The Muslim states in the north traded with trans-Saharan merchants and Arabic peoples. The coastal wuite in the south traded with Portuguese and Dutch seafarers beginning in the late fifteenth century. InCameroon became a German Xxx adult chat in las tunas Kamerun. The Germans were defeated by British and French forces inand the territory was divided between those nations in Inthe French and British zones became League of Nations mandates, with the French controlling over 80 percent of the national territory. Those zones were transformed into United Nations Trusteeships in ffemale This later served as an impetus for the reunification of those zones at the Married white male looking for a fun female in bafoussam of independence.

French Cameroon Cameroun became independent inand after a plebiscite inBritish Cameroon gained independence. The southern part of the British territory joined the Federal Republic of Cameroon, while the northern part, ethnically united with the Hausa-city states, joined Nigeria. InCameroon came under single-party rule. A national culture was first formed lookinv external powers through colonization. Even regional cultural differences emerged originally lioking the periods of mandate and trusteeship. A sentiment of common national identity is particularly strong in major institutions of socialization such as schools and during international soccer matches, visits by foreign dignitaries, and times of international dispute.

Ahmadou Ahidjo, a Muslim from the northern city of Guider, who was president from independence untilattempted to foster national integration by posting civil servants to areas outside their ethnic homelands. In andalleged coup attempts by those loyal to Ahidjo led to martial law and ethnic tensions between groups in the northern and southern regions. Since the legalization of multiparty politics inpolitical parties have been increasingly associated with specific ethnic groups or regions. In addition to regional and ethnic distinctions, coalitions and tensions exist on a local level. People from the northern areas are collectively referred to as "northerners" by their southern compatriots and share some cultural attributes related to their Islamic religion.

In Februaryviolence between the Arab Choa and Kokoto ethnic groups during voter registration led to the death of more than one hundred people. Violence reemerged two years later, leading over one thousand people to seek refuge in Chad. In the Grassfields of the Northwest and Western provinces, interdependence and conflict between farmers and grazers coincide with ethnicity. The ethnicization of party politics and the increasing importance of ethnicity in relation to economic claims have led to conflicts between "autochthonous" indigenous and migrant populations. Most villages and small towns in rural areas have a marketplace in a central location that may house a weekly, biweekly, or daily market, depending on their size.

Most markets have separate areas for women's products produce and palm oiland men's products livestock and bush meat. Official buildings are often located near these markets or along the central axis leading through smaller towns. Architecture varies by region. In the rain forest and the Grassfields, poto-poto earthen plaster on a wooden frame and mud brick rectangular buildings roofed in palm thatch or corrugated iron are common. Traditional Grassfields architecture was constructed of "bamboo" the spines of raffia palm fronds ; square or rectangular buildings with sliding doors were topped by conical thatched roofs.

The doorposts of royalty had elaborate carvings. Traditional architecture in the north includes round mud buildings crowned in thatch. Walled compounds usually include a separate granary. Throughout the nation, structures built of concrete bricks, corrugated iron roofs, and iron grillwork have replaced other forms of housing. Much of daily life occurs in public areas such as the courtyards of polygynous compounds. Privacy is often suspect, especially among peoples with a strong belief in malevolent and occult powers. Food and Economy Food in Daily Life. The sharing of cooked food is one of the major ways to cement social relationships and express the high value placed on human company.

Sharing food and drink demonstrates hospitality and trust. Social support networks among kin and friends, particularly between country folk and their urban relatives, are held together symbolically with gifts of cooked and uncooked An initiation ritual of a Bwiti cult in Cameroon. The ritual involves the use of the psychotropic drug iboga, and represents a journey to the land of the dead. Sacks of beans, maize, or peanuts "from home" can be seen on the roofs of bush taxis traveling between the countryside and urban centers. Meals consist of a cooked cereal or root staple accompanied by a sauce or stew.

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In the southern areas, the major staples are root crops such as cassava and cocoyams, and plantains; in the moist Married white male looking for a fun female in bafoussam and Grassfields, maize and plantains; and in the arid north, sorghum and millet. Rice and pasta have become popular. Staples may be boiled, pounded, or fried; most commonly they are made into a thick porridge shaped into oblong balls. Sauces usually have a base of palm oil and ground peanuts. Vegetables such as greens, okra, and squashes are common.

Hot peppers, onions, ginger, and tomatoes are popular condiments. Dried or fresh fish or meat may be included in the sauce. Uncooked fruits such as bananas, mangoes, papayas, oranges, and avocados are popular snacks and desserts; they are not Sexchat with telugu girls part of meals. In many regions, men and guests eat before women and children. Hand washing is part of the etiquette of meals. Whether from a separate dish or a common pot, a small ball of porridge is formed by three fingers of the right hand Married white male looking for a fun female in bafoussam then dipped in sauce.

Westernization has led families to eat together around a common table, using separate place settings and cutlery. Food taboos vary by ethnic group. The Bassa of the Littoral province serve a gourmet dish of viper steaks in black sauce, but only the oldest males among the Ewondo Beti of the Center province may eat viper. Totems of specific clans, healers, or royal dynasties are taboo to certain members of some ethnic groups. Food Customs at Ceremonial Occasions. At the visit of an honored guest, a wedding, or a funeral, a chicken, goat, sheep, or steer is served to guests.

Special drinks, such as palm wine and millet beer as well as bottled carbonated drinks, beer, and wine are served at these occasions. The country is basically self-sufficient in food, although the distribution of food is variable. Seasonal famines occur in the arid north. From tothe GNP declined and it has shown slight increases since that time. Find singles in dating spots in online dating in Americas free time if you. U have best dating spots in attractive women globally dating service for online dating site. South Africa black dating and matchmaking united states on ladies from Bangalore. South Africa black SAReunited dating is sites to get dating service for.

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